Blood in the place where the elderly man was found dead.  (Photo: Sheila Forato/News Edition)

Elderly caregiver found dead couple; she claimed to have witnessed an argument between the elderly man and the suspect

Blood in the place where the elderly man was found dead. (Photo: Sheila Forato/News Edition)

Suspected of a brutal crime, man identified as Antônio Evaristo de Macedo, 58, known as “Martelo”, left the prison a few days ago and was receiving assistance from Celeste Vedoja, 75, and Ávio Rodrigues Máximo, 83, found killed this Saturday morning (6), in Coxim, 253 km from Campo Grande. Antônio was arrested and one of the lines of investigation by the police is robbery, robbery followed by death.

The case was discovered after an elderly caregiver arrived at the property, in the central region of the city, around 6:20 am. She noticed that the house was all overturned and several objects thrown on the floor. Soon, she found Ávio lying in the back area of ​​the residence, with blood marks. The caregiver ran outside asking for help.

Celeste was found dead in the couple's bedroom.  (Photo: Sheila Forato/News Edition)
Celeste was found dead in the couple’s bedroom. (Photo: Sheila Forato/News Edition)

The Military Police went to the residence and found that the elderly man was dead. Then the military searched the place and found Celeste in the couple’s room, on top of the bed, also dead. The bodies were stiff, indicating that death had taken place the night before.

The caregiver said that she left the house around 6 pm yesterday, leaving the couple and Antônio at the scene. The woman said that the suspect had recently left the Coxim penal establishment and that because she had nowhere to stay, she was eating at the elderly people’s residence, where she spent part of the day, but did not stay overnight. The caregiver also revealed that she witnessed a disagreement between Ávio and Antônio during the day.

The expertise found that Celeste was wounded in the jugular and Ávio in the back of the head. “The instrument used was a kitchen knife, which was found at the scene and apprehended. At first there were these injuries, but only a more detailed examination will point out other injuries”, said expert Eduardo Santana Cardoso.

Two puppies were found in the house. One of them was cornered, hidden inside a shelf, in a small room at the back of the house. The animal trembled a lot and threatened to bite anyone who approached. According to information from family members, he slept with the victims. The other puppy was in the care of a family member.

Puppy cornered on a shelf.  (Photo: Sheila Forato/News Edition)
Puppy cornered on a shelf. (Photo: Sheila Forato/News Edition)

Prison – Antônio was located and arrested by the Military Police, near a market. The PM reported that Antônio was wearing a slipper that had wear on the soles and at the location of the facts there were marks compatible with the shoes.

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