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Music in Letters

Guitarist, singer and songwriter Marcelo Menezes, 56 – known in the best samba circles as Macarrão -, launches this Friday (5), on digital platforms, the album “Marcelo Menezes”.

Recently released on CD to celebrate the musician’s 30 years of activity, the disc, with 14 tracks, features very well written and arranged songs. Among them, “É Xote Mariana!”, in partnership with Roberto Didio and special participation by Geraldo Azevedo; “Cidade Vencida”, by Menezes with Delcio Carvalho and special participation of singer Áurea Martins; “Na Cintura Dela”, with Paulo César Pinheiro and special participation of singer Zé Renato; “Que Tempo É Esse”, in partnership with Eduardo Gudin; “Samba do Largo”, with Nei Lopes; “Essa Dor”, with Jorge Simas; “Dia da Virada”, with Gisa Nogueira; “Good Memories”, with Ivor Lancellotti; “Complicity”, with Tereza Cristina; “Há um Leme”, with Ana de Hollanda and “Avesso do Avesso”, with Mario Lago Filho.

Menezes, who played in the group Dobrando a Esquina and attacked, in the 1990s, at the Bip-Bip bar, in Copacabana, owned by Alfredinho (1944-2019) -owner who left the key to the establishment for them to close the doors for him-, accumulates experience able to open any door, when it comes to music, competence and friendliness.

It was in this bar that Menezes, playing, met Walter Alfaiate (1930-2010), Zé Kéti (1921-1999), João Nogueira (1941-2000), Guilherme de Brito (1922-2006), João do Vale (1934-1996), Miúcha (1937-2018), in addition to Nelson Sargento (1924-2021), Elton Medeiros (1930-2019), Beth Carvalho (1946-2019) and Monarco (1933-2021), among others, always lavishing technical knowledge and friendliness.

When he was 8 years old, Menezes already frequented the Sovaco de Cobra, a place consecrated for choro, taken by the hands of his father, the guitarist Rozendo Menezes, in addition to the samba circles that his relatives regularly promoted. This experience encouraged him to study the guitar with one of the greatest representatives of the seven-string guitar, Horondino Silva, Dino 7 Cordas (1918-2006).

The album “Marcelo Menezes” is the result of everything the guitarist heard and witnessed during his childhood, adolescence and adulthood. According to him, this work is a way to thank the generosity of all the partners, musicians and arrangers with whom he worked.

However, those who are grateful are those who listen, in addition to MPB that, although tolerating the less capable and unfriendly, praises the most dedicated for making it one of the tastiest, nutritious and important fruits of this nation.

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