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This Monday (13) the release on digital platforms of the album “Não Negai”, by the mezzo-soprano singer and nurse from Ribeirão-Pretana, Regina Dias, 64, in honor of the guitarist and composer from Rio Grande do Sul (1948-2021) takes place. .

Amassing 43 years of career as a singer, Regina Dias considers herself self-taught. “I studied piano for three years with Clara Russomano. Music has always been part of my life. I took vocal technique and guitar lessons with Professor André de Souza, but I consider myself self-taught. I am the result of a long experience with music, singing on different stages and in different projects. I always listened and paid attention to great artists, such as Wilson Simonal, Elis Regina, Elza Soares, Doris Monteiro, Maysa, Marcia, Claudia and Nara Leão. breathing. I captured and assimilated these techniques and developed mainly the rhythmic division. I’m a fan of sharing music, working in a more joyful and loose way”, said the artist in an exclusive interview with Música em Letras.

About the album “Não Negai” the singer explains: “The album aims to remember and record the expressive career of singer, songwriter and guitarist Luís Vagner to present the legacy of more than 40 years of musical production, focused on the influence of national black music. The album has a very happy, relaxed sound, with arrangements by maestro Caixote [Marco Pontes] that value the rhythm, swing and romanticism of Luís Vagner”.

The album also features, among others, the excellent bassists Marcelo Mariano and Sizão Machado, in addition to Duda Santos’ guitar, Tuto Ferraz’s drums, percussion, programming, editions and production by Marco Bosco, percussion by Luiz Carlos de Paula, the sax and flute by Adriano Caneta, the trumpet by Azeitona, the trombone by Gó, the keyboard, editing and mixing by João Cleber Frutuozo, in addition to the mastering done by Carlos Freitas.

Among reggae, samba rock, samba funk and even a chula, the singer highlights the composition “Tão Lindo, So Lindo”, by Luís Vagner and Marco Pontes, the tenth and final track of the album. “This song has a special note, which is that it was released by Antônio Luís, a great singer and composer. When we were making the record, Antônio Luís told us that he had Luís Vagner’s original voice and gave us this recording. Luís Vagner was present with me and that was very beautiful. In the end, we have a ‘dialogue’, as if we were side by side. This song synthesizes the soul of Luís Vagner. He was a very kind, affectionate person, detached from material goods and that is so beautiful, so beautiful.”

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