Burnt torso of Mynář's restaurant Na Srubu.

“According to the inspection carried out so far, there is a suspicion of intentional ignition of the building. No one has been charged in the matter so far, “said Hynek Olma, a spokesman for the Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office in Brno.

The wooden building burned down at the end of March. After the fire, the police worked with three possible versions of its possible origin, namely negligence, technical defect and intentional establishment.

According to Olma, the criminal proceedings in the case are being conducted for committing a crime of general danger. The perpetrator faces eight to 15 years in prison if caught, found guilty and convicted.

According to him, the estimated damage caused by the fire is still 25 million crowns. The case is being dealt with by regional criminal investigators, who took over the case from the police in Uherské Hradiště in April.

After extinguishing the fire, a handler with a dog trained to search for burning accelerators, as well as specialists from the Department of Forensic Technology and Expertise from Frýdek-Místek, were called to the fire.

A few days after the fire, Mynář stated in a statement and video on the castle website that it was not an accident or an accident, but that someone had started the fire in the wooden building on purpose. The head of the presidential office claimed that he was originally supposed to be in the building with his family on the day it burned.

Burnt torso of Mynář’s restaurant Na Srubu.

Photo: Photo RIGHT – Aleš Fuksa

He linked the incident to an “annoying media hate campaign” and accused some journalists of endangering the lives of his children and family. The media denied the allegations.

The pub fire was extinguished on the night of March 29 by eight professional and volunteer fire brigades from the Zlín and South Moravian regions. No one was injured in it. At the time of the firefighters’ arrival, the entire roof of the building was on fire. They intervened in several breathing apparatus. They got the fire under control after about an hour.

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