Sarah García, ex-wife of Naithan Nández (@saruugarcia_19).

The Uruguayan model and influencer Sarah García, ex-wife of Nahitán Nández, whom he denounced last January for gender violence, told for the first time in public what he experienced with the former Boca soccer player, today in Cagliari in Italy.

García, mother of two children with the midfielder, gave an interview to the Uruguayan newspaper El País, which is reproduced verbatim below:

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After you filed a complaint against your ex-partner, the versions of him in a statement, as well as his relatives and lawyers, described your testimony as false. Do you reaffirm your position? Was there violence?

Yes, there was physical and psychological violence. In Uruguay, in Argentina, in Italy and even when we went on vacation in Cuba. There was violence in front of my daughter, friends, soccer partners, relatives… Violence in front of people who today declare in court that they never witnessed it.

Sarah García, ex-wife of Naithan Nández (@saruugarcia_19).

When the police came looking for him in the last days of December to testify, he had left the country. Do you think he anticipated his departure because of this situation? Did he already know about the arrest?

-Whether he escaped or not, I have no record. What I know is that he found out that night about what came out on social networks because he sent me a message referring to the subject. And the next day he left in the way that everyone knows.

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Why do you think he hasn’t come to Uruguay since then?

-I think he does not come to Uruguay because the evidence in the Prosecutor’s Office is overwhelming, with eyewitnesses included. It seems to me that he had more than one opportunity to come and clear things up and also to be available to the national team. If he didn’t, it’s because he’s hiding something, he’s afraid of something. If he had nothing to hide, he would make himself available to Justice and would not be required, fleeing as he is. The version that he does not have vacations is not real because he is planning to go to Mexico with our children (Matilda and Tian) now in June.

It has been said that this situation generated a picture of depression, what would you respond to that?

I think you don’t have to victimize yourself. I was also very bad when I had to live everything I lived. I chose to become strong and get away from him with 4-year-old Matilda and 5-month-old Tian and get away from all that was bad for me. He would have to find a way to get through this like I did back then.

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Sarah García, ex-wife of Naithán Nández.
Sarah García, ex-wife of Naithán Nández.

How are you living these months?

-Today I am calmer and making my life with my children. But quite concerned about this issue. My idea was always to keep silent but I got tired of seeing how they go out to give notes denying everything: first he and his family and now his lawyer. I have full confidence in Uruguayan justice but I also know that the soccer environment in Uruguay has a lot of weight and there are many people in the environment who want to minimize the situation, pretending that nothing is happening and leaving me and my children in a very bad situation.

Sarah García, ex-wife of Naithan Nández (@saruugarcia_19).
Sarah García, ex-wife of Naithan Nández (@saruugarcia_19).

The criminal complaint was filed at the end of December but there was another previous complaint, is that correct?

-We have been separated since January 2021. In mid-2021 I filed a complaint with the Family Court. The situation of violence was included there, but it had not passed into the criminal sphere. In December, when everything came out on social networks, with my lawyers we decided to make the complaint also in criminal matters. We decided that it was better for us to do it ourselves than for it to be done ex officio.

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