The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.
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the democrat Nancy Pelosian influential figure on the Washington political scene and speaker of the United States House of Representatives, said Thursday that she will step down as leader of her party when Republicans take control of the body in January.

“I will not seek re-election to the Democratic leadership in the next legislature,” said the 82-year-old political leader in a speech in the chamber, because she wants to make way for “a new generation.”

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President Joe Biden immediately praised her, calling her a “fierce defender of democracy” and noting that Americans owe her a “deep debt of gratitude.”

Former President Barack Obama also greeted Pelosiwhom he described as “one of the most accomplished legislators in the history of the United States.”

between applause, Pelosi he reviewed memories of his 35 years in the lower house.

Pelosithe first woman to hold the position of speaker of the House of Representatives, called “speaker”, also spoke about darker times, such as the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 by supporters of former Republican president Donald Trump.

“American democracy is majestic, but fragile,” he warned.

Since January he will continue to occupy his seat in the Lower House, but as a simple representative of California.

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

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“beloved companion”

The veteran politician has held the position of “speaker” of the Lower House since January 2019, third place in the political hierarchy of the United States after those of president and vice president. She previously held it from 2007 to 2011.

A good political strategist, she is known for being Trump’s first opponent, whom she fought harshly when he was in the White House (2017-2021).

In recent months, it has been his commitment to Taiwan that has given rise to much talk: his visit to the island claimed by the Chinese authorities, in August, drew the ire of Beijing.

In late October, her husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked at his home in California by a man armed with a hammer. Actually, his goal was Nancy Pelosiwhom he accused of lying and who he intended to “break his kneecaps.”

Just before the November 8 elections, Pelosi He told CNN that the attack would influence his decision whether or not to withdraw if the Democrats lost their majority in the House of Representatives.

And that was what happened on Wednesday night, at the end of a week of great expectation regarding the result of the elections.

According to projections, the Republicans won at least 218 of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives, a very fair majority, but enough to have blocking power on Biden’s policy until 2024.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces her resignation as Speaker of the House inside the House of Representatives at the United States Capitol in Washington.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces her resignation as Speaker of the House inside the House of Representatives at the United States Capitol in Washington.


divided congress

The Democrats managed, instead, to retain control of the Senate.

Even with the slim majority they will have in the House starting in January, Republicans will have substantial power to oversee the Biden administration. They have promised to use that power for investigations into the government’s handling of the pandemic or withdrawal from Afghanistan.

They wasted no second in implementing it.

On Thursday morning, conservatives in the House of Representatives announced that they would exercise their new power to make life difficult for the president with aggressive investigations of the committees.

“We will be prepared to hold the Biden administration accountable from day one,” said Kevin McCarthy, a 57-year-old Republican lawmaker from California who is pushing to take the gavel for president from Pelosi.

“Our investigations are just beginning.”

This is not a surprise: They had already promised to investigate Hunter Biden, the president’s son accused of using his last name to do business in Ukraine and China.

With this new configuration of Congress, the ruling party will no longer be able to get important projects approved. But neither can the opposing field.

Republicans had threatened to overturn some measures taken by the Biden administration if they regained control of both chambers. In particular, they wanted to reconsider the funds allocated to the tax services to hire new agents, or on certain reforms in the field of education.

The right could also be pickier about Washington’s help to Ukraine. He had also planned to attack abortion rights or legislate on firearms, which would push Biden to use his veto power.

Ultimately, Biden will have to use his negotiating skills, inherited from his long career as a senator, to avoid a paralysis of the federal administration (the “shutdown”).

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