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During this flight, the Orion spacecraft will fly farther than any spacecraft built for humans has ever flown.

Vice President and General Manager of the Starliner Program, mark nappisaid in a statement: “We understand that our client must consider the needs of the International Space Station when programming the flight certification of a second transport system commercial crew USA”. Along these lines, he closed his statement by promising that “we are working to have the CFT vehicle ready to fly before the new launch date”.

From Boeing they also pointed out that they still they are renovating the last Starliner crew capsule, previously flown in December 2019. And they also clarified that the production hardware -corresponding to the service module that supports the capsule- is still maintained in progress.


Boeing -along with SpaceX– are the two companies chosen by NASA to coordinate the program agency commercial crew. They both have the idea of develop a new spaceship, 100% private, that is capable of taking NASA astronauts to the Space Station. And vice versa, too.

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Starliner plans, for this flight, to launch a mission about eight days to the Space Station with two NASA astronauts. It would be the first time that the ship manages to carry two people to and from space. In May of this year, Boeing successfully launched a uncrewed test flight to the Station, although with some technical errors. For this reason, in recent months, they have dedicated themselves to correcting these anomalies.

Boeing’s Starliner project suffered a huge amount of setbacks during the last few years, which brought some additional costs for the company. In this sense, the company made a charge of u$s195 millionraising the total cost of the program to u$s883 million from the 2020.

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