Nastya Ivleeva plans to continue her acting career after the scandal with the series
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Nastya Ivleeva plans to continue her acting career after the scandal with the series “Monastery”

The series “Monastery” did not have time to come out (only two episodes are available on “Kinopoisk”), as it already made a lot of noise. No one forbade watching it, it is freely available, but the application for a rental certificate for demonstration in cinemas could not be obtained. ROC expertise, about which, among other things, the project was filmed, found that the image of the priests and, in general, the work of the institute was noticeably distorted. Therefore, it is better not to show this in the cinema to the general public.

A photo: film frame

Why suddenly The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation decided consult with the Church? Well, firstly, because the series shows a full-fledged “behind the scenes” of this institution: everyday life, services, confessions, communion, the sacrament of tonsure, and so on – an expert opinion on such a sensitive issue never hurts (director Alexander Molochnikov, for example, does not consider himself a church-going person, so he could easily make a number of fundamentally important mistakes). Secondly, because the creators of the series were allowed to work in the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery – even its altar part – not just “out of old friendship”, but with the blessing of the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church – this means that Kinopoisk probably had some agreements with the Church about, let’s say, the content of the filming. And it is possible that these agreements were not fully implemented (no one will ever honestly tell about this). Agreements could be written or oral, not fixed on paper. And understandable to both parties. An abstract example: in a mosque, it would hardly have been possible to shoot such a frank project without revealing the idea.

A photo: film frame

However, all these are unnecessary details, because no one forbids and cannot forbid watching The Monastery. Roskomnadzor on the eve clarified the obvious: rental certificates are issued by the Ministry of Culture, and Article 10.5 of the law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection” does not provide for a separate requirement for a rental certificate for a distributed audiovisual work. Actually, this is why the series is still available on Kinopoisk, but it will not be shown in the cinema, like 98% of TV projects coming out in Russia.

At the same time inspired by the resonance Nastya Ivleevawho played the main role of the escort Masha, who miraculously escaped in the monastery, aims to develop success in her acting career.

A photo: film frame

“Acting is a completely new brainchild for me,” the aspiring artist admitted. – And since I’m not playing myself, but a character, another person, I had to get used to it, find some tricks that would help me bring the idea to life. I will say this, I want and plan to further develop myself in this genre. What will be the roles and how it will look – I do not know. But I know exactly what I want to try.

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