Where are the other 22 thousand Debanhis?

They say that after the first lie, the whole truth turns into doubt. Now it is called post-truth. It is the game of the populists, to entangle everything to obtain profits and pyrrhic victories, which will end up crashing against reality. But in the meantime, they buy time and fool the fools.

This is the case of the mayor of Guanajuato, Alejandro Navarro, a compulsive liar who, through a web of lies, has built a monumental trap, into which the City Council, the State Congress, the Secretary of Finance, the BBVA Bank have fallen. , the SHCP and the PAN. All trapped in that network, now neither the accomplices nor the naive who believed in the phony politician see an escape.

Everything is hatched around a business: the construction of a shopping center, which will have a mummy museum as its anchor store. The preliminary project predicts, without data, that it will cost 105 million pesos. It will be necessary to discount at least 20% of illegal commissions for the promoters. 20 million in post-pandemic times are not bad for anyone. Less if the building will be paid from the municipal coffers, one part, and another through a credit of 70 million pesos by all the inhabitants of the municipality.

But reality hit those involved in this scam. The timely intervention of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has exposed the lies of the rogue politician: he does not have permission from INAH to build the long-awaited museum, because he simply has not started the process for the respective permit. Obviously, they don’t have permission. In the municipality they are collecting, until now, plans, documentation and preparation of an executive preliminary project, as well as studies of mobility, environmental impact and landscape-patrimonial. A long way.

And from this gutting the key question arises: How did they budget a lousy preliminary project, subject to important modifications, which can be raised by Icomos (International Council of Monuments and Sites), INAH or Railways? Isn’t it true that a fully authorized project was needed by all the instances involved before authorizing the indebtedness?

As for the land on which the eyesore would be built, there is no approval for it from the Institute of Administration and Appraisals of National Assets (Indaabin), in charge of ensuring that the land of the former railway station meets the destination assigned by the donee: public services, roads, etc. has no land. Where will you build?

The most important thing: He has no mummies to display. The INAH physical anthropology area has evaluated the conditions of the mummified bodies and has concluded that they should not be removed from the site museum, which must remain active. The display of the bodies must be horizontal and must be restricted to a smaller number of mummies.

What do you intend to exhibit? There is no collection for the new museum, however, there is already a suspicious approval to indebt the people of Guanajuato, sanctioned by the City Council and Congress. Someone must pay the piper for such costly irresponsibility.

Faced with such a mess, the clearest and most definitive way to recompose the administrative procedure would be for Congress to suspend the authorization of the credit until they present: approved project and necessary permits from INAH, Indaabin and Icomos. In other words, do what the Finance Commission of the Congress itself should have done at the time: thoroughly review the project for which the loan was requested, and not approve it by slogan, as the disastrous deputy Zanella did.

To discharge responsibilities, H├ęctor Salgado Banda should report the irregularities that the contracting of the debt presents to BBVA, and avoid its inclusion in the State Registry of Public Debt and Obligations. Going forward, the secretary must be more careful, liars are not good traveling companions.

For its part, the National Action Party, in order to protect its prestige, must initiate an investigation against Mayor Alejandro Navarro, as well as his trustees and aldermen, for violating the Code of Ethics for Public Servants of the PAN, by not applying the correct, transparent and responsibly public resources; as well as for issuing untrue, timely, adequate and transparent information. For being mendacious, then.

Lies and betrayal often walk together. A liar politician will betray, without modesty, the trust placed in him by the voters. The evidence that the mayor is lying at a pathological level is multiplying day by day. Guanajuato is in suspense and its institutions discredited by falsehood.


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