Neanderthals knew how to prepare good food
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Neanderthal man was perhaps not a great gastronome, reports The Guardian, but he has the merit of having made culinary experiments. The British newspaper refers to the results of excavations carried out by archaeologists from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, and published Wednesday, November 23 in Antiquity, a scientific journal specializing in archaeology.

From 70,000-year-old food remains discovered in Iraq, and others in Greece, the researchers concluded that the diet of Neanderthals was very diverse and its cuisine complex, including several stages of preparation.


What could a Neanderthal’s plate look like? Archaeologists have tried their hand at making one of the oldest cooked dishes ever discovered: sort of pancakes with a nutty aftertaste, notes The Guardian.

La Vanguardia even have fun to imagine the Neanderthal man as a chef, drawing parallels with current restaurant stars. “In our time, which favors constant innovation in the kitchen, the unstructured, vacuum cooking, liquid nitrogen, foams and other molecular cooking processes… We discover that prehistoric populations also used complex techniques to prepare their food”, notes the Spanish daily.

And to specify that our distant cousins ​​would have been great consumers of legumes, meat and nuts.

A damaged dentition

“In contrast, unlike chefs today, it appears that Neanderthals did not prune the seeds – a step that removes most of the bitter compounds – suggesting that they intended to reduce, but not remove, the natural flavors of legumes”, highlighted The Guardian.

Neanderthals would also have tended to pound their food using simple rocks. Their dishes could be somewhat gritty, which would explain the very deteriorated appearance of their teeth.

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