Nearly 14 million people will collect the Anses reinforcement bonus

The government confirmed that 13.6 million people will receive the ANSES bonus intended for informal workers, social monotributistas and employees of private homes.

The $18,000 booster will start paying out next week for 7.5 million informal workers whose request was accepted, according to ANSES. More of 6.1 million retirees They will receive the $12,000 bonus.

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ANSES bonus: who will collect it

  • 7.5 million informal workers will receive the $18,000 booster to be paid in two installments of $9,000.
  • 6.1 million retirees have already begun to receive the $12,000 bonus which is paid in a single installment together with the assets.

How many people signed up for the ANSES bonus

The body received 11.8 million requests to receive the Income Reinforcement, of which 7.6 million were accepted.

Registration ended last Saturday, a day in which long queues were seen at the ANSES offices and, according to the agency, 98% of the applications were processed virtually.

ANSES bonus: how many applications were rejected and why

Of the 11.8 million applications received by ANSES until Saturday, 4.3 million were rejected for various reasons.

  • 1.6 million were automatically rejected for being formal workers, having retirement, not having the necessary age or not meeting the requirements that were requested.
  • 2.7 million were denied after carrying out the corresponding socioeconomic and patrimonial controls, such as consumption expenses, income or patrimonial controls of the person who requested the bonus.

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$18,000 bonus: how to know if ANSES accepted the request

  • Enter the official ANSES page and click on the “MiANSES” tab.
  • Enter with CUIT and social security code.
  • In “MiANSES” will appear the agency’s response to the request submitted by the potential beneficiary.

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This Thursday ANSES reported that those who have doubts regarding the rejection of the application may attend the ANSES offices throughout the month of May to make the corresponding inquiries.

ANSES bonus: with which allowances is it compatible

The benefit is compatible with people who receive:

  • Universal Child Allowance (OH).
  • Pregnancy Allowance (AUE).
  • Boost Work.
  • Unemployment benefit, those who are registered in the National Registry of workers of the Popular Economy and those who receive provincial and municipal food plans.

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