Credit: Disclosure/OCEARCH

The great white shark has been identified and has been watched since 2019 (Credit: Disclosure/OCEARCH)

A huge white shark weighing almost half a ton has been spotted in the waters off the US state of New Jersey. The place is known for the animal attacks that inspired the ‘Tubarão’, from 1975. The information is from CNN.

The animal has already been captured and tagged once, in 2019, and given the name Ironbound. At the time, however, the meeting with biologists took place in the waters of Nova Scotia, Canada. Since then, experts believe the shark swam more than 21,000 kilometers to reach New Jersey.

“When we scored him, it was impressive. He went back and forth from where we found him in Nova Scotia to Florida several times,” scientist Bob Heuter told CNN.

At 4 meters long and around 500 kilograms, experts believe that Ironbound is around 20 years old. Despite the risk to bathers who frequent the region, he was not captured.

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