Protesters protest in the town of Moreno for the death of Susana Cáceres
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Neighbors of the town of Moreno grouped together as a protest on Friday night and demanded justice for Susana Caceresthe 42-year-old woman who had been missing for 10 days and whose body ended up being found in a stream, meters from the Camino del Buen Ayre and in the afternoon.

The measure of force took place near that location, more precisely on Roca Avenue. The demonstrators protested with the help of banners -among which legends such as “Justice for Susana”, “We want ourselves free” and “Not one less” could be seen- and even lit a fire to block the street.

Those who participated in the mobilization were friends and residents of the area, explained All News. Susana’s direct relatives chose not to form. “I knew, I knew…” and “not one less, not one less” were some of the songs sung by those present.

Protesters protest in the town of Moreno for the death of Susana CáceresScreenshot – TN

In dialogue with the press, Adriana -one of Susana’s cousins- thanked the people who accompanied her and her family in recent days. “We finished a stage, not as we would have wanted. We begin a new, much more difficult cycle, which is to ask for justice for Susana Elizabeth Cáceres”. she said.

And he added: “I ask you to join us in this new process that we are going to start. I understand that the World Cup is coming, the issues are going to be discussed. But I ask you not to leave us aside. This is important”. Regarding the state in which Graciela, Susana’s mother, is, she remarked that she “is accompanied by her grandchildren.”

Adriana, Susana's cousin, spoke after the discovery of the body
Adriana, Susana’s cousin, spoke after the discovery of the bodyScreenshot – TN

He also spoke about the ongoing investigation, a procedure that will try to determine what happened to the 42-year-old woman. “I wouldn’t risk saying anything. You have to meet with the prosecutor of the case and continue with the inquiries. The only thing I can say is that someone or several people did this to my cousin.”.

During the last stages of the journalistic exchange, he celebrated Susana’s life and described her as “a pretty, sweet woman and a beautiful mom.”

Susanna’s corpse It was found on the side of the Reconquista River. The state of the same showed that, in principle, it had been decomposing for several days. The prosecution is now awaiting the forensic report to define the next steps in the investigation.

The experts determined the woman was the victim of blows and cuts with a knife. Part of her body was also burned.

Cáceres, mother of four minors, had been seen for the last time on Wednesday the 9th of this year, when she was leaving her home in the town of Villa Trujuigame of Dark. His friends confirmed in recent days that he was in a difficult financial situation, without a job and that he had even sold electrical appliances.


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