Neighbors hear gunshots, go out and see a young woman dead but they beat her to death

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- neighbors of the community Peter Arteaga reported hearing gunshotswhen municipal police arrived they found a dead woman on the street and that apparently they beat her to death.

The incident occurred minutes before 10 p.m., residents of the peach street they reported to the authorities having heard multiple detonations of a firearm.

Upon arrival, the Municipal Police patrols found on the unpaved street, and next to a personnel transport van, the body of a woman with no vital signs.

Irapuato: Woman dies from blows she received

Later a Civil Protection ambulance arrived and the paramedics confirmed the death, however apparently the woman died due to one or more blows he received.

The authorities that carried out the corresponding investigations did not find bullet impacts on vehicles, facades or injured people, nor did they find shell casings on the ground.

The scene was secured by police and Army units, who used cones instead of yellow tape to delimit and block the way for vehicles and pedestrians.

Finally, the expert staff of the Prosecutor’s Office arrived to collect all the evidence and thus clarify the facts.

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