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They have specific plans for the amount of HUF 10 million.

Come on NotMazalány and Szlépka Armand they dropped out on the penultimate day From Asia Express, Due to Csekka Gyebnár’s serious illness, they returned to the competition on the morning of the final, and even won the adventure reality show right away. The couple who exchanged the bronze medal for gold won 10 million HUF in addition to the glory, so it is no wonder that Fanni Halastyák was in tears of joy when they reached the finish line.

THE Pepper now he visited the winners in their shared home, who are about to move, which is long overdue, since according to the rapper, they have completely outgrown their tiny apartment in Kőbánya. The lovers do not cover this from the main prize, but they already know what they will spend it on:

“After the move, we will buy a not very ostentatious, but beautiful and reliable car, and if everything goes well and Fanni gets her driver’s license, then another one. Another business is planned. The most important thing is that we want to invest this money in our future together with all our plans,” said the former professional hockey player Szlépka, adding that since she recently graduated from a television program production course, she would like to start her career at a sports channel as soon as possible.

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