Netflix: an Argentine film is among the 5 most viewed in the world

The critics accompany and highlight different points of this feature film, although they are not unanimous. The performances of well-known characters stand out and, for many, the great role played by Achaga, a not-so-popular 30-year-old actress, surprises.

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What is “The Wrath of God” about, the film starring Peretti and Minujín

An enigmatic plot is narrated where a series of deaths occur with possible culprits and has as its background a reflection on justice, revenge and punishment.

As revealed by Netflix, the film, like the book, follows the story of Luciana, while a strange writer, her former boss, flies over the scene with a veil of horror and an air of guilt.

“The obsessive fight to save the life of his only living relative, his younger sister Valentina. A crossroads between reason and death. A race against time to bring his truth to light, and a last blood pact to end with revenge”, advance from the content and streaming platform.

Unlike other audiovisual projects, in “The Wrath of God” Guillermo Martínez did not intervene at all in its adaptation. The writer said that he had read the script and it seemed “better that it came out in accordance with a very clear and personal idea that Sebastián Schindel already had about the alternation of times and about how to tell or show, ‘out of frame’, a quantity of issues,” he said.

At the moment, it has not yet managed to reach the numbers left by Granizo, who was among the first 3 most played over a few days. However, the repercussions of the “Wrath of God” were entirely positive and are expected to continue to multiply.

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