Netflix: Featured Movies and Series of the Week

the song of the heart

While singing at a wedding that implodes, a musician falls in love with the bride, who is in trouble with her family. Now he must save her life. Available 8/10/2022.

13: The Musical

After moving from New York to Indiana following his parents’ divorce, a smart kid is determined to throw the best bar mitzvah ever. Available 8/12/2022

Code: Emperor

An intelligence agent tasked with incriminating a politician with no dirty laundry must decide if there are still lines he won’t cross. Available 8/12/2022.

Day shift

Day shift.jpeg


A vampire hunter has a week to raise the money to pay for his daughter’s education and braces. Making a living could kill him. Available 8/12/2022.


Locke & Key: Season 3

In the final chapter of the series, the Locke family discovers more magic as they face a demonic rival who wants the keys at all costs. Available 8/10/2022.

instant makeover

A team of renovators take big risks and meticulous plans to transform single family homes inside and out in just twelve hours. Available 8/10/2022.

an exemplary family

After unknowingly stealing money from a cartel, a penniless professor finds no other way to save his family than to work as a smuggler. Available 8/12/2022.

Never Have I Ever: Season 3

Never have I ever- Season 3.jpeg


Devi and her friends have finally stopped being single. But they’re about to learn that relationships involve a lot of self-discovery…and drama. Available 8/12/2022.

Documentaries and specials

My Lifeline: The Leo Baker Story

Celebrity skateboarder Leo Baker shares the details of his rise to fame, as well as the immense pressure he felt to hide his gender identity. Available 8/11/2022.


DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – Book 3

It is time for brave warriors to conquer an indomitable enemy. Will the ultimate sacrifice lead to lasting peace on all worlds? Available 8/11/2022.

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