Netflix wants to unpack by the end of this year with a cheaper subscription in which the viewer is presented with advertising


Netflix wants to offer a cheaper subscription by the end of this year in which viewers will see advertisements. The company’s management has informed the staff of this, writes The New York Times based on sources within Netflix.

Last month, Netflix delivered remarkable news: it would like to launch a cheaper subscription that includes ads. For example, the streaming service would like to keep it affordable. For years that was unthinkable: no advertising was one of the anchor points of Netflix. Due to the shrinking number of subscribers and declining revenues, it now wants to deviate from this at an accelerated pace.

The board members have informed staff that the new subscription could be launched as early as the last three months of 2022. The note that was sent to the staff states, according to the sources of The New York Times Netflix will also accelerate its efforts to prevent subscriptions and passwords from being shared between users who are not from the same family.

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