Netflix will be cheaper, but it comes at a price

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos explained why they add ads to the Netflix streaming service. Netflix has long been averse to advertising in its subscription service, although, as the Index wrote in May, it is in a tight position and has posted disappointing numbers in the last quarter:

It has lost 200,000 subscribers, so the company is introducing a cheaper, ad-supported level to its service to attract new customers.

“We have left a significant customer base out of the calculation so far, namely those who say Netflix is ​​too expensive and doesn’t mind advertising,” said Ted Sarandos of Hollywood Reporter according to. He confirmed that the company is in talks with potential advertising sales partners. Sarandos will also be awarded the Cannes Lions Entertainment Personality of the Year this year. The Cannes Lions Festival runs until June 24th.

It can also be a purchase target

It has not yet been determined whether a new level of advertising will prove to be a solution to Netflix’s subscription issues. As the company’s stock price plummeted, more and more speculation came to light as to whether the streaming service provider could be the target of the acquisition.

Sarandos acknowledged that the acquisition is “always a reality, so we need to be vigilant about it,” but insisted that Netflix can return to growth on its own. The head of Netflix hailed the recent fall in the company’s shares as part of the inevitable surge in the relatively young online streaming business.

In Hungary, the subscription fee is between 2,500 and 4,500 forints, which depends on the number of devices and the preferred quality we choose.

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