Neuquén: they arrested one of the young people who jumped into the river to loot the merchandise truck that fell into the water

Police of the province of Neuquen arrested this Friday one of the many people who, after the fall into the river from a truck loaded with packagesThey dove into its waters to steal the merchandise.

According to the local portal LM Neuquenthe arrested was a young man from the North Coast neighborhood who, with the help of his partner, swam to where the vehicle is in search of the bags with food and slippers.

The incident occurred shortly before the start of the tasks to remove the truck from the Neuquén River, which is why the thieves they scrambled to drop pack after pack down the riverwhere other neighbors and even motorists who passed by the place were ready to receive them.

However, the looting did not last long. alerted to the situation, Police officers rushed to the scene and arrested the man.who had positioned himself on the roof of the vehicle in search of slippers.

“They did not give us any explanation, they told us that they were taking him away as delayed, but we are kids from the neighborhood who were born and grew up here, we are known by our neighbors”pointed out his partner.

The truck incident took place on Wednesdaywhen the driver of the vehicle tried to avoid a picket line of the Darío Santillán Popular Front in Cipolletti through the so-called Third Bridge. Nevertheless, made a sharp move and collapsed the defenses of the structure and fell into the Neuquén River.

Although the man He was able to get out of the vehicle and was not seriously injured.with the passing of minutes the vehicle was completely submerged in the water and dozens of people rushed to steal the products which was moving According to reports, the driver was traveling from Bahía Blanca to deliver different items that are sold over the Internet, including sports shoes, pet food, clothing and power tools.

After what happened, Martin Giustidirector of Civil Defense of the province of Neuquén, gave an interview to LU5 where he explained that Operations were set up to reduce the effects of river pollution and prevent new robberies. Regarding the latter, he expressed alarm at the number of people who “risked their lives to get into the river in this cold and collect the merchandise.”

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