New mobilization by Lucio Dupuy four months after his death

This Saturday, relatives of Lucio Dupuy staged a new mobilization to ask for Justice and claim for a law to protect children four months after his death. The five-year-old boy passed away. product of injuries caused by physical abuse.

The concentrations took place in the Plaza San Martín de General Pico, where about 50 people participated, and in the roundabout of the Santa Rosa Civic Center. On Friday, friends and family of the little boy traveled to the City of Buenos Aires to present to the National Congress the signatures collected to accelerate the sanction of the Lucio Law, against child abuse.

New mobilization by Lucio Dupuy four months after his death (Courtesy El Diario de La Pampa/)

In the Congress they were received by Martin Maquieyrathe national deputy of Together for Change that promotes the Law. For the death of Lucio His mother, Magdalena Esposito, and her partner, Abigail Páez, are detained..

the baby’s father, Christian Dupuydenounced that he had warned the Justice of the situation of violence that his son was going through and was seeking to obtain the license.

Lucio Dupuy died on November 26 after arriving at the Evita Hospital in the Pampas capital at the cost of assaults and blows. Doctors identified at the time that he had multiple traumas and old visible injuries. Among the injuries he had blood in his mouth and bruises in various parts of his body, according to what he reported. The newspaper of La Pampa.

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