Other times: Mauricio Macri receiving the then president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, in August 2019
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louis novaresio interviewed the former Minister of Economy of the government of Mauricio Macri, Nicolás Dujovne, who provided little-known details about the agreement he negotiated with his Brazilian counterpart to implement a single currency between the two countries. “For me the interview was very interesting because I learned a fact that I did not know and that is that in 2019 Macri agreed with Jair Bolsonaro on a common currency; They agreed and it was about to happen, I didn’t know,” the journalist admitted this Wednesday during the show of his program. good day nation with the newscast 8.30 a.m. who drives Luis Majul With Deborah Plager Y Marina Calabró.

“Dujovne had the draft drafted and when he traveled to Brazil to close the deal, the president of the Central Bank of that country asks for a few days to analyze it, but a common currency is almost created”, added the LN+ journalist.

Luis Novaresio revealed Nicolás Dujovne’s response that surprised him

Dujovne was the head of the Treasury palace between January 2017 and August 2019, during Macri’s presidency, and before his departure from the government he was very close to implementing the common monetary system with Brazil.

In fact, in June of that year, Jair Bolsonaro and Paulo GuedesPresident and Minister of Economy of Brazil, confirmed the initiative Before businessmen and other ministers during a visit to Buenos Aires, and quickly from Japan, Minister Dujovne’s entourage, who was at the G-20 summit, confirmed it: Argentina and Brazil were advancing on the idea of ​​creating a new common current currency called the “real peso”.

At that time, the minister argued that Argentina and Brazil “are exposed to the same external shocks”, that they “depend a lot on exports” and that the peso and the real “have a fairly similar correlation in the face of international events”. Something very similar to what she stated during the interview with Novaresio, just over three years later.

Other times: Mauricio Macri receiving the then president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, in August 2019Silvana Colombo – THE NATION

After broadcasting some fragments of Dujovne’s dialogue with Novaresio, Majul maintained that “when some talk about dollarization, those who know say no, that the correct thing would be a parity with the Brazilian currency that is stable and that can accompany an economy like Argentina in trade.”

In this sense, Plager provided a number that demolishes the initiative: “The objective data is that the Central Bank of Brazil has more than 350,000 million dollars in reserves, and Argentina has nothingIt’s a small detail.”

“The Central Bank of Brazil did not want the common currency due to the issue of reserves, but there are other reasons as well: in Argentina the forecasts are not met and the reserves have been used to finance governments and the State, that is the central problem”, considered Majul. And he closed: “And there is also another severe problem. And if we do not look at Europe, where there is a common currency and a European Central Bank (ECB) that regulates the issue. In Europe, the orders of the monetary authority are fulfilled. When Italy wanted to issue money, the European Bank refusedand the government had to accept it.”


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