Nicole Neumann liked a photo of Luca Cubero.  She also added a heart!  (Photo: Instagram/gossipeame)

The arrival of Luca in the lives of Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero revolutionized social networks and, as expected, everyone wanted to know the opinion of nicole neumann about the blended family that her ex-husband had formed.

Far from the confrontations for the food quota that he knew how to starThe model even reacted on Instagram to one of the photos uploaded by one of her daughters with her newborn brother. This gesture was taken as a clean slate, a way to leave behind the fights of the past.

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Although at first Nicole had not wanted to say a word about the arrival of the baby of her ex-partner and her current girlfriend, consulted by the Soon Magazine did not hesitate to comment on it. In that sense, highlighted the joy who gave the birth of Luca to his daughters Indiana, Allegra Y Sienna.

“It makes me happy that my daughters are happy and I will always be there for them in everything”Nicole Neumann assured about the images that Fabián Cubero and Mica Viciconte shared on their social networks. In the postcards we see the three girls smiling while they have the baby upa.

Nicole Neumann reacted to a photo of Luca Cubero and surprised Mica Viciconte

In the past week, nicole neumann he got angry when asked about the birth of Luca Cuberothe son of her ex-husband with Mica Viciconte. “My situation with Fabián expired almost 6 years ago. So go find the protagonists. I think is disrespecfull for my partner that they keep asking me, and even possibly for his partner, “he said before Paparazzi.

Nicole Neumann liked a photo of Luca Cubero. She also added a heart! (Photo: Instagram/gossipeame)

However, now she had a very tender gesture with her ex-husband’s baby. With calmer waters, and observing the happiness of her girls for the arrival of a little brother, her model gave her like to a photo of the little boy that Indiana Cubero published and then commented on a heart, a gesture that surprised the former Combat and his partner, Fabián Cubero.

Nicole was never able to establish a good bond with Viciconte and that is why this “like” could mean the beginning of a new stage, where differences are set aside forever.

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