Night of fury: Chaqueño Palavecino got angry with the police, broke a microphone and left a show

“Thanks to all of these. They send them to cut me off. I’m not a criminal. Let them catch all the cats. So not me, I’m a brother town”added the artist before an audience that watched in amazement the scene that went viral through a video.

The Chaqueño Palavecino released a statement after leaving the show in Cowboys

Given the dimension that the scandal took, From the official Instagram account of the folklorist they released a statement to publicize their version and express their discomfort at what happened, in the midst of a controversy that ended up overshadowing a night of celebration and traditional folklore in Salta to honor Martín Miguel de Güemes 201 years after his passage to immortality.


What did the police say after Chaqueño Palavecino’s anger?

In dialogue with the local media The Tribune, the press chief of the Salta Police, Miguel Velardezexplained the prelude to the controversy and pointed out: “The festival was within what was planned for the celebrations of Güemes and At first it had to finish at 5. But at the request of the organizers and the municipality, knowing that the Chaqueño was going to close, they asked that it be extended until 6. Something that was granted to them, but they were asked to respect the schedule and that did not happen, since the show lasted until 6:45“.

The organizers spoke with the environment of El Chaqueño at 6, where he said that he was not going to cut the show. Then he tried at 6:15 and finally at 6:30, a time in which he used the microphone to verbally attack the police and the organization. Not only the head of the operation had to intervene, but also the head of the regional unit. In the videos that exist, the artist’s attempt at aggression against the head of the regional unit is clearly seen,” added the uniformed officer.

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