Night water restrictions are introduced, seventy years ago the water level in Po was not so low

Photographs of the riverbed, which had almost completely dried up in some places, were published by the Water Management Authority of the Po Basin (AdBPo), which launched a consultation with the disaster management on the state of the catchment area in northern Italy.

Il Secolo XIX quoted a statement from the Utilitalia Association of Energy Suppliers, which, due to the drastic decline in water supplies in the Piedmont province,

In Lombardy, he called on the mayors of 25 municipalities to restrict or suspend night water use.

AdBPo Secretary-General Meuccio Berselli said there was much less snow than usual last year and this winter, and rain was becoming less frequent in the Po Plain: extreme droughts in February and April were caused by a lack of rainfall that the May rains could not make up for. Temperatures were measured in the Po area four degrees higher than the seasonal average, and in the second half of May it was warmer than usual in July.

AdBPo predicts that declining levels of Po could lead to continued water shortages in agriculture and energy production. The Coldiretti Producers Association has pointed out that the decline of Po threatens 30 per cent of national agricultural production.

The 652-kilometer-long Po Basin is more than 74,000 square kilometers, supplying more than 3,000 cities with about 18 million people.

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