Nikolai Baskov, together with volunteers from the DPR and Russia, performed the song

Nikolai Baskov, together with volunteers from the DPR and Russia, performed the song “Holy War”

On the Day of Memory and Sorrow at 04:00 am in the Donetsk People’s Republic, at the foot of the Saur-Mogila memorial destroyed by the Nazis, Nikolai Baskov, together with volunteers from the DPR and Russia, sang the song “Holy War”, honoring the memory of the heroes who fought against Nazism.

– As the famous song says: “There is no such family in Russia where its hero would not be remembered.” The memory of the war heroes who went through this hell is primarily preserved by the family. The box with the medals of my grandfather on the side of Nikolai Eremenko’s mother is kept at my parents’ house. I remember my grandfather very well, although, unfortunately, we have few photographs with him. My favorite photo is when I go to first grade. My grandfather and our whole family accompanied me to school,” Nikolai Baskov told “Grandfather was a military officer, he finished his service with the rank of colonel. Our family is proud of their hero. We treat everything that is connected with the memory of our grandfather very reverently. He went through the whole war to Berlin. He has the highest award of the Soviet era – the Order of the Red Star.

Grandfather Kolya returned from the war alive, unlike many of his friends who died at the front. Unfortunately, there are very few participants in those battles. Unfortunately, they are becoming less and less every year. I would like to bow in the belt to these people. People who went through the war, they learned to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The performance of the composition took place as part of the International Campaign “Fiery Pictures of War”: on the night of June 21-22, Victory Volunteers, representatives of public organizations and associations, residents of dozens of settlements lit millions of candles of memory, symbolizing sorrow and reverence for the fallen in the Great Patriotic War. Saur-Mohyla has become the main symbol of the military history of Donbass, bloody battles with the Nazis took place over this height in 1943, and in 2014 with neo-Nazis. In 1967, a majestic memorial was created here, known throughout the Soviet Union. But in June-August 2014, the memorial complex was destroyed as a result of shelling by neo-Nazis.

“And today I am glad to be here, on the territory of an almost sacred height – Saur-Mogila, in order to honor the memory of those who died in that war together with the Donbass,” says Nikolai Baskov. -This moment, when the candles of the fiery picture were lit one after another, cannot be expressed in words. Unity of souls, historical memory and tears in the eyes. We remember and we will never forget. We are one nation that has always opposed the Nazis, has always defended the highest human values: love, peace, mutual respect, sympathy, complicity and mutual assistance. We cannot be canceled or erased.

The song was not chosen by chance, since during the Great Patriotic War it united all the peoples of the Soviet Union to fight the Nazis. The locals remember the cost of obtaining peace on their lands then and now. On May 9, 1945, “Holy War” was performed at the Reichstag, over which the Banner of Victory was already flying, and on May 22, 2007, the song was performed at NATO headquarters in Brussels. For the residents of Donbass, the song “Holy War” is especially relevant today, as for several years they have been defending their land, families and homes, as well as the memory of their grandfathers from the Nazis, for several years, trying to defend the right to a peaceful life.

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