“No Bears”, the new masterpiece of Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi
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No bears, Iranian dissident filmmaker Jafar Panahi’s latest film was screened [le 9 septembre 2022] during the last Venice Film Festival, the day before the closing. He left this prestigious film event with the special jury prize.

Like several other works by Jafar Panahi, in recent years, No bears was filmed in secret. It was made in the style that has characterized its author’s cinema for a decade. [depuis qu’il a été interdit de tourner, en 2010]. A decade in which he made his films under restrictions and appeared on screen in his own role.

A movie within the movie

In this new feature film, Jafar Panahi monitors [ou plutôt se met en scène en train de surveiller], via the Internet, shooting a new movie in Turkey. Itself is in a border village [du côté de l’Iran, pays qu’il a interdiction de quitter]. This film within a film tells the story of an Iranian couple who seek to reach Europe after living in exile for ten years in Turkey.

Due to recurring breakages

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