No doubt he's the new Messi - would he get the Golden Ball?

Gutted genius

Arriving in exchange for € 17.5 million from Las Palmas in 2019 (Pedri will return for a season shortly), Pedri burst into Barcelona’s adult team in the 2020-2021 season, scoring his first goal in the Champions League group match against Ferencváros.

To put it mildly, the midfielder, who is still only 19 years old, was exposed to a heavy load, as he played in 53 matches in the 2020-2021 season in his club, and only Bojan Krkić, who was younger than him, had fifty stakes in the club.

He also competed in the European Summer Championships, where he was voted the best young player and joined the dream team of the tournament, and won a silver medal with the Spanish national team at the Tokyo Olympics.


And that backfired, which of course is hardly surprising for such a young, evolving organization.

He was tied up for a long time, not excelled without him

Winning the Golden Boy Award for Best Young Player, Pedri signed a contract with Catalans until October 2026, which set the buyout price at € 1 billion.

Market value has also grown rapidly and is now At EUR 80 million lasts which makes the club the most valuable, according to

It was in these months that the news came mostly with these off-field events, as it was in mid-September thigh injury Benfica was able to return to the field at the end of September in a BL jacket at the end of September, coronavirus also caught it.

In the Champions League, the band, which was still led by Ronald Koeman, did not excel anyway, as he was knocked out two times with Pedri (first from Bayern, then came the Lisbon jacket), after defeating Real Sociedad 4-2 in the league. as a guest of Athletic Bilbao, the team finished 1-1 and then failed to get from four to five in terms of match numbers by 12 January.

Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, dropped out of the Champions League, turning 9th in La Liga by November, although they managed to catch up a bit from there, but still only finished in seventh position before the January 23 match against Alavés.

Without Pedri, there were seven wins, seven draws and four defeats in the 18 championships.

After his return, the Catalans soared

He has returned to the Spanish Super Cup, but he has not been able to help Barça either, who was knocked out of Real Madrid 3-2 in overtime and hit in vain in the King’s Cup, and Athletic Bilbao also outperformed the Catalans (2-3).

Starting on January 23, however, the garnet red-blue swings into a parade, in the league in the next ten matches, there were nine wins, a draw and a goal difference of 29-8, including Atlético Madrid (4–2), Valencia (4–1 away), Bilbao (4–0), Osasuna (4–0) and Real Madrid (4–0 away).

Pedri himself excelled: he defeated the opponent with a great hit against Sevilla, and with three goals and assists, he led the guard with an amazingly mature and excellent game. Not only did it perform well ahead, but it also gave the team stability, which again evoked the good old days.

In the Europa League, the Catalans also advanced against Naples and Galatasaray, and Frankfurt 1-1 did not look bad on the cut.

So that on April 14, everything will go wrong.

Another injury, without which Barça will suffer again

After the guard remained unbeaten with him after 20 January, he was smoothly taken home from Frankfurt (in the 90th minute the Germans went with three more, the Spanish band could only beautify at the end – 2-3) and it was bad news, that Pedri, who was injured in the first half, had to be replaced, was decided again because of his thigh flexor – this time for the rest of the season.

And these weeks, Camp Nou didn’t even look like a cave of lions, after Frankfurt, Cádiz and Rayo Vallecano also won at the home of Barcelona, and although he had three points as a guest of Real Sociedad, the band was doomed to a long-unseen subordinate role: he held just 44 percent of the ball.

However, the match against Mallorca showed a much better picture, the number of situations and the picture of the game were encouraging, and although they had to get excited in the end – two hits were canceled due to ambush – the guests beautifying their hair did not have a real chance to cling back. At a disadvantage of 2 to 0.

Looking at Barcelona football with and without Pedri, it can be said that the band represents a completely different level with its young class – although a strong suggestion, but with a little exaggeration it can have the same effect on the play of garnet blues as Lionel Messi did that year.

Like the Argentine, will the young Spanish finally get the Golden Ball together? It’s still the music of the future – in the meantime, our dear readers can vote on whether you think it will come together for him.

The future can be encouraging

Although Gerard Pique had to be replaced again due to an injury, the Catalans were happy that Ansu Fati, also 19, was able to return to the field for the first time since 20 January.

If the two young titans were finally healthy at the same time – they spent a total of 89 minutes on the field at the same time this season, in the cup matches in mid – January, one of which Ansu Fati was injured again – and in good shape, there is plenty of potential in this Barcelona to fight for higher goals next season.

Until then, the task is to grab the silver medal, starting with Saturday’s 21-hour match against Betis, who is fighting for a BL start.



9 pm: Betis-Barcelona

Leading the waya: 1. Real Madrid 81 points (73-29, already champion), 2. Barcelona 66 (63-34), 3. Seville 64 (50-28), 4. Atlético Madrid 61 (59-41), 5. Betis 58 (56-38), 6. Real Sociedad 56 (33-32) )

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