Sergio Massa is the new Minister of Economy of the Nation (Photo: REUTERS/Matias Baglietto).

This Friday morning, official sources had reported that Sergio Massa had chosen Gabriel Rubinstein with his Deputy Minister of Economy and that he would announce his appointment this Friday. However, in the environment of the new head of the Palacio de Hacienda they now indicated that there was still no confirmation and that the appointment could happen next week. During the afternoon, statements and tweets circulated with very hard questions that the economist had made against Cristina Kirchner.

Rubinstein is an economist from wide experience who currently serves as executive director of the consulting firm GRA. In the public sector he was central bank representative during the administration of Roberto Lavagna, and was part of the negotiating group for the agreements with the IMF and the renegotiation of the Public Debt. He also served as executive director of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange airs and the risk rating agency Fitch.

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In recent years, months and days he had launched strong criticism against the national government and especially against the K sector of the official alliance. In recent radio statements, he maintained that the appointment of the now former Minister of Economy Silvina Batakis was a bad news precisely because had the endorsement of the Vice Presidentwhom he considered one of the “most irresponsible leaders in fiscal matters”.

In a tweet from years ago, he maintained that “joining Kirchnerism would be like saying: ‘I’m an idiot’”. A month ago, I celebrated on the same social network publications of economic leaders of Together for Change, such as the former Minister of Finance of the macrismo Alfonso Prat Gayagainst the Vice President, and opposition deputies, such as Joseph Louis Espertwho asked “close Aerolineas Argentinas”.

Sergio Massa is the new Minister of Economy of the Nation (Photo: REUTERS/Matias Baglietto).

Last week, when it was rumored the appointment of Sergio Massa As the new economy minister, the economist stated that his assumption “would be positive, given the current disaster. Someone needs to put some order and be “empowered” for it”. Although at the same time he warned that his success would depend on the scope of the fiscal adjustment.

“Yesterday other names circulated. When there is an announcement, we will communicate it officially. There is still no confirmation”, sources close to Sergio Massa indicated this Friday night, and they also assured that at the moment the minister was busy with the implementation of the bond swap.

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A first limit K to the new minister? The criticism of the possible new secretary of Economic Programming (virtual vice minister) against the Vice President they fell badly in Kirchnerism, although in the environment of the head of the Senate they preferred not confirm your veto to designation. After all, they remembered, Sergio Massa himself launched strong criticism against Cristina Kirchner and La Cámpora for years, and despite this he became the new head of the Palacio de Hacienda.

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