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Caracol Televisión continues with its journalistic work in Qatar 2022, where it has had some inconveniences such as the retention at the Ricardo Orrego airport or the health problems suffered by Javier Hernández Bonnet. Despite this, they have managed to broadcast all the matches normally.

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In addition to all these anecdotal facts, the director of Snail News, Juan Roberto Vargas, did not escape the curiosities of the World Cup either. As usual, the journalist presents his report from Doha in the different broadcasts of the news and This Friday, November 25, he appeared from a boarding area, where he lived a particular moment.

One of her classmates asked her if she didn’t dare to go out in a bathing suit from Qatar, to which Juan Roberto Vargas responded emphatically: “Not even for the chiras”unleashing laughter among all those who were presenting the newscast at that time.

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The journalist he played crazy and better presented his report in which he found a group of Colombians who went to enjoy the Qatar World Cup 2022which they attended for a walk and with the pain that the ‘tricolor’ has not qualified for this tournament. In addition, they told him that it is what they liked the most about that country.

“Their organization, their culture. A very good discipline, everything very orderly, the people are very friendly and there is an atmosphere of security, despite the number of people who have attended,” one of the Colombians present in Qatar told him.

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