Nord Stream gas pipelines: Sweden confirms “serious sabotage”
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Sweden confirmed on Friday 18 November that investigators “found traces of explosives where the Nord Stream gas pipelines were damaged”, Explain Al Jazeera. The prosecutor in charge of the preliminary investigation confirmed the hypothesis of a “serious sabotage”.

Denmark and Sweden are carrying out investigations to determine the origin of four huge gas leaks that appeared on September 26 in the Baltic Sea on the gas pipelines belonging to the Russian Gazprom, which connect Russia to Germany, “at the origin of a peak of tension in the Ukrainian crisis”, recalls the English version of the pan-Arab media.

Mats Ljungqvist, the Swedish prosecutor, claimed that “the analyzes carried out show traces of explosives on several of the objects discovered” on the spot, but that the investigation “very complex” was to continue for “show if someone can be prosecuted for a crime”, reports The Guardian.

One of the worst natural gas leaks

explosions, “equivalent to several hundred kilos of TNT” according to scientists, caused what could be “one of the worst natural gas leaks ever observed”, recalls the British daily.

Danish and Swedish authorities are carrying out separate investigations, as the leaks occurred in their respective exclusive economic zones, off the Danish island of Bornholm. In the aftermath of the explosions, suspicions and accusations fell on the Russians as well as the Ukrainians.

In October, London denied responsibility for the British Navy, as accused by Moscow, saying that “these allegations were intended to distract from Russian military failures in Ukraine,” underlines the British daily.

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