A young man from the US who met a woman through a dating app is found dead in Medellín
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This was reported by the state agency KCNA, one day after The North Korean army will launch an intercontinental missile.

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Kim Jong Un assured that “they will respond to nuclear missiles with nuclear weapons and a total confrontation with a total orderlessness,” said KCNA, which specified that the leader supervised the launch of the missile on Friday.

After Kim Jong Un said in September that his country was an “irreversible” nuclear state, the United States stepped up military cooperation with Japan and South Korea Y has sought to shield the defense in the region.

Pyongyang launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Friday that fell into the waters of the Japanese exclusive economic zone.

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According to the North Korean agency, the launch on Friday was a “new type of ICBM” from the Hwasong-17 and “This test clearly demonstrates the reliability of the new weapons system.”

The KCNA also reported that kim jong un yesHe personally supervised the launch of the missile accompanied by his wife and daughter, in a very unusual mention of a son of the North Korean leader.

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The North Korean army fired a short-range missile on Thursday and a few weeks ago led a wave of launches, including an ICBM.

Washington responded to the North Korean tests with an expansion of its military exercises with South Korea, including the dispatch of a strategic bomber plane.

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