North Korea regrets "deplorable attitude" of Guterres on missile launch
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The North Korean Foreign Minister criticized, this Sunday, the “deplorable attitude” of the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, in condemning the recent launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles by Pyongyang, reported the state news agency KCNA.

“I deeply regret that the UN Secretary-General has acted in a truly deplorable manner, ignoring the purpose and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and his own mission to maintain impartiality, objectivity and justice in all matters,” said the chief. of North Korean diplomacy, Choe Son Hui, accusing António Guterres of being “a US puppet”.

Choe Son Hui recalled that Pyongyang “recently asked the UN Secretary General to examine the issue of the Korean peninsula with impartiality and objectivity”, highlighting North Korea’s “self-defence” policy, “in a worrying security environment in the region, due to dangerous military cooperation between the United States and its vassal forces”.

“However, the UN Secretary-General blamed North Korea and not the United States,” the minister said.

North Korea on Friday launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), off the northern island of Hokkaido, according to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who considered the release “absolutely unacceptable”.

The United Nations Secretary-General on the same day called on North Korea to “immediately refrain” from any further “provocation” in response to the launch, reiterating his call for Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table.

The United States also reacted on Friday, announcing that they would convene the United Nations Security Council and expressing their intention to ask China, an ally of the North Korean regime, to help curb Pyongyang, using its influence.

The UN Security Council announced on Saturday that it will meet this Monday to discuss the situation.

In response to the launch of the North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile, the South Korean and US militaries responded with guided bomb tests from F-35 fighter jets and carried out other combined aerial maneuvers over the East Sea, two operations that simulate attacks preventive but also punitive operations against the North Koreans, in a message to Pyongyang.

The North Korean launch was carried out from the Sunan area, where the Pyongyang International Airport is located, the place chosen by the regime to also launch other intercontinental ballistic missiles in February, March and on the 3rd, although two of these launches were unsuccessful.

The launch joins a record-breaking 30 projectiles that Pyongyang fired in early November in response to air maneuvers by Seoul and Washington, including a first such missile, launched on Nov. of the Sea of ​​Japan.

Tension on the peninsula is currently reaching unprecedented levels due to weapons tests by North Korea, maneuvers by allies and the possibility that, according to evidence collected by satellites, Kim Jong-un’s regime is prepared to carry out a first nuclear test since 2017.

The North Korean President assured on Friday that he will use the atomic bomb in case of a nuclear attack against his country.

Pyongyang “will resolutely respond to nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons and total confrontation with total confrontation,” said the head of state, quoted by KCNA, in remarks during his supervision of the launch of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), having asked the “acceleration of nuclear deterrence” in the face of the “dangerous situation” on the peninsula.

The “new intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-17”, defined as a “crucial milestone in strengthening nuclear forces”, flew 999.2 kilometers before crashing into the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan, according to KCNA.

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