North Korea reports 21 deaths from 'fever' amid coronavirus outbreak

North Korea reported on Saturday 21 new deaths from “fever” amid the first outbreak of covid-19 in the country, which has ordered a national confinement in the face of the “explosive” expansion of the virus.

According to the official KCNA agency, 174,440 new cases of fever and 21 deaths were registered on Friday. This medium does not specify how many victims had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Look: North Korea, the country without vaccines that is confined after confirming its first case of coronavirus

With its 25 million unvaccinated inhabitants and a shaky health system, the North Korean power ordered confinement measures throughout the country to try to contain the epidemic outbreak.

Its leader Kim Jong Un said on Friday that “the highest priority is to block the spread of the virus by actively closing areas and isolating and treating people with fever responsibly.”

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