North Korean missile launch 'not a threat' to the US
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The White House said Friday that the intercontinental ballistic missile launched by North Koreawhich is believed to have the ability to cross the Pacific Ocean, did not pose a threat to the United States.

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“Despite how worrying this launch was, we do not consider it a threat to the national territory”said White House national security spokesman John Kirby.

However, Kirby expressed strong concern over Pyongyang’s increase in test firing of short-range and long-range missiles, which have the potential to deliver nuclear warheads.

“Every time they launch one, they learn. That is worrisome. Even if the launch is a flop or only partially successful, they still learn.” Kirby told reporters.

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“This is destabilizing, not only for the peninsula but for the entire region,” said.

USA has offered many times to lead talks with Korea from North on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula without preconditions, he said.

Still, Kirby added, USAas well as South Korea and Japan are “working hard to make sure they have adequate defensive capabilities.”

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