"Nothing wrong with buddy more, until it weighs on your relationship": Lotte Vanwezemael and Servaas Bingé help people with their weight and relationship

Play4 will be releasing a new reality series this spring. In ‘Da’s big love’, four couples of their own accord go into battle with their unhealthy habits. Because not only their health, but also their relationship and sex life suffer. They are supervised by doctor Servaas Bingé (42) and sexologist and psychologist Lotte Vanwezemael (29).

Wout Desmytere

In That’s big love, based on a Danish format, Vanwezemael and Bingé heed the cry for help from four Flemish couples. All candidates no longer feel good about themselves. Not only do they lose sight of themselves, but also each other. “Most candidates in the program have a bigger size and want to do something about it. In this story, that is also one hundred percent their own choice,” explains Vanwezemael.

“I have often had to deal with negative comments about how I look (Recently Vanwezemael was a victim of online fat shaming after her passage in ‘Dancing with the stars’, ed.), so I definitely identify with the candidates. We’re not saying ideal sizes are a requirement, or a goal in itself. A little more is certainly not necessarily bad. It only becomes a problem when someone does not feel good about it or develops health problems because of it. The program is mainly about making people feel good about themselves again.”

This is done through physical and psychological tests. This way the couples will get a clear picture of their hormones, their health risks, their sex drive and the degree of attraction. With that information they have to work together. Their trajectory is evaluated in each episode.

Animals of habit

“Whereas Lotte will guide the candidates more on the relational level, I mainly focus on the health aspect”, says Servaas Bingé. The doctor has already written several books on physical health. “After all, we often see that unhealthy living can also lead to obesity, fatigue and all kinds of other health problems. It is therefore important to map out how the candidates can tackle their unhealthy lifestyle. Humans are creatures of habit, and we often have many unhealthy habits that we are not always aware of.”

“Viewers will definitely recognize some of those habits, and who knows, they might take inspiration from the couples’ journey and integrate some new habits that improve their quality of life.”

“Servaas and I map out an entire trajectory together with them, to help them achieve the goals they set themselves in advance,” adds Vanwezemael. “That could be very different things, like having more sex, losing a few excess pregnancy pounds, or just feeling sexy again.”

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