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Now inseparable, Erdogan and Putin reunite in Sochi

Now inseparable, Erdogan and Putin reunite in Sochi

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is on Friday August 5 in the Russian seaside resort of Sochi, where he is to meet Vladimir Putin, two weeks after a previous meeting between the two leaders in Tehran.

Part of the Turkish press, in favor of a rapprochement with Moscow, welcomes these repeated meetings. Thus, for the pro-Russian daily Aydinlik, Ankara must seize its chance: “The international sanctions against Russia, which Turkey refuses to apply, have strengthened cooperation between the two countries”, believes the newspaper, which is also delighted to see the once important ties between Moscow and Cyprus, as between Moscow and Greece, slackening, and hopes that Turkey can take advantage of this to obtain Russian support for its claims in the Aegean Sea and in the Mediterranean.

This meeting takes place shortly after the announcement in Istanbul of an agreement on a maritime corridor in the Black Sea, allowing Ukraine to export its very large grain reserves abroad.

A situation which marks the central position of Ankara in the negotiations around the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and as an interlocutor

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