Nubank: how to disable the pre-approved loan button in the app

One of the features available on the Nubank app became a topic on social media on Friday afternoon (17). This is the pre-approved loan function, available on the app’s home screen, as soon as the user accesses their account.

According to users, the feature has a somewhat dangerous disposition within the app, as malicious people can have easy access to the customer’s pre-approved loan in cases of cell phone theft, card scam, fraud, etc.

“I KNOW it can be taken away but the app shouldn’t make it so explicit even more after so many fraud cases that appear every week,” said one user on Twitter.

How to disable the loan shortcut on Nubank?

But after all, how customers can disable the pre-approved loan button on the Nubank app? The solution is quite simple, but it cannot be done automatically and requires help from the company’s support.

Simply enter the bank’s application, access the “Help Me” option (which appears as a question mark in the upper right corner of the home screen) and select “Talk to us” at the bottom of the page. Now just request the blocking with the attendants.

  • Enter the Nubank app and click on your profile, in the circle available in the upper left corner;
  • Click on the “Help Me” option;
  • Press the “Chat with us” button at the bottom of the page;
  • Contact the chat, say you would like to disable the loan button and continue the conversation.

Before deactivating the feature, the fintech explains that the customer will be able to reverse the block, but will need to contact the company again. Also, once reactivated, the pre-approved loan amount may not be the same – as the bank will carry out a new credit review.

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