The measure of force of the health workers will also include a concentration in front of the Legislature Photo Camila Godoy
The measure of force of health workers will also include a rally in front of the Legislature. Photo: Camila Godoy

Nursing staff in the city of Buenos Aires carried out a strike this Thursday to claim professional recognition by the Buenos Aires government, union sources reported.

The measure of strength of the workers grouped in the Association of Graduates in Nursing (ALE) will also include a concentration in front of the Legislature, within the framework of commemorating International Nursing Day this week.

The protest will take place at 10 at Peru 160 and will include a press conference by the nurses, and is part of a fight plan that began on Wednesday, with a torchlight march from Congress to the Legislature.

On the other hand, the leaders of the ALE confirmed that the Superior Court of Justice of Buenos Aires summoned, at its headquarters in Cerrito 760, the group to a hearing which will take place at 12, “to follow the progress of the Popular Initiative project that they supported with almost 50,000 signatures” to get the bill that grants professional recognition to nurses to be dealt with.

“What else do we have to do and prove to be considered health professionals instead of administrative staff? Legally, we meet all the requirements to be included in the Professional Career along with 24 other health team activities. Social, the accompaniment of the population was manifested in the 50,000 signatures that we presented in support of the Popular Initiative so that the Legislature discusses our recognition in session,” Andrea Ramírez, a nurse at the Ramos Mejía Hospital, pointed out in a statement from ALE,

For her part, Carolina Cáceres, a nurse at Hospital Tornú and press secretary of the Federation of Professionals, added that Wednesday’s march was supported by “the infirmary of all the hospitals in CABAwith sister health organizations of the ALE such as APyT, AGIHM, the Internal Italian Commission, CICOP and grassroots associations of the Federation”.

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