Many propose that Nursing Day in Argentina be celebrated on November 22, in commemoration of the birth of Cecilia Grierson.
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The Nursing Day in Argentina is celebrated every November 21 in commemoration of the Federation of Associations of Catholic Nursing Professionals, which was founded in 1935 and named the patron saint of the activity Virgin of the Remedieswhich has its festival on the same date.

That year, to honor all the male and female nurses in the country, the National Ministry of Health instituted the National Nursing Day coinciding with the Day of the Virgen de los Remedios.

However, there are not a few specialists and medical institutions that suggested celebrating Nursing Day on November 22, to commemorate the birth in 1859 of Cecilia Grierson, the first woman to receive an Argentine medical degree and that revolutionized modern nursing in Latin America.

Many propose that Nursing Day in Argentina be celebrated on November 22, in commemoration of the birth of Cecilia Grierson.

Cecilia Grierson He graduated in July 1889 from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, at the age of 30. So, he founded the first nursing school in South America, which he called the Argentine Medical Circle School of Nurses. In addition, he founded the Argentine First Aid Society in 1892.

In Argentina, the first universities to include nursing as a career were the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, which in 1939 created the School for Nurses, and the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, which in 1952 opened the School of Nursing.

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Currently, there are 61 Argentine universities, between public and private, that offer this course, which is positioned as the seventh with the most students. Based on 2020 survey data, there were more than 85 enrollments and a 6.5 percent annual growth in the number of enrollments.

international nursing day

The international nursing day It is celebrated worldwide on May 12, a date proposed by the International Council of Nursing to honor the day of the birth of florence nightingaleconsidered the mother of modern nursing.

Florence Nightingale, pioneer of modern nursing.
Florence Nightingale, pioneer of modern nursing.

Nightingale was born in 1820 in Florence, Italy, and died on August 13, 1910 in London, England. He dedicated his whole life to understanding the sick: he trained and shared his knowledge in countries like France, Switzerland, Greece and Egypt. In addition, he was at the front during the Crimean War (1853) assisting the wounded.

In 1860, she opened her own nursing school at Saint Thomas’s Hospital in London and laid the foundations for the professionalization of nursing. In 1883 Queen Victoria awarded him the Royal Red Cross and in 1908 she presented him with the Keys to the City of London.

International Nursing Year

Almost as if they had anticipated the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization established in its 72nd Assembly that 2020 would be the International Year of Nursing and Midwifery Professionals. The WHO chose 2020 to set this commemoration in tribute to the bicentenary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.

However, celebrations around the world were suspended as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which at the same time highlighted the important task of all health professionals, who gave themselves completely to care for the sick. .

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At the request of the International Council of Nurses, the World Health Organization decided to extend the International Year of Nursing until July 2021.

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