Official: Illegal refugees are being taken to Britain from Britain

As we wrote on Sunday, the deportations will start on Tuesday, taking illegal refugees from Britain to the island nation of Rwanda. The decision is now official, as the Anglo-Welsh Court of Appeal has allowed the British government to relocate to Rwanda anyone who crosses the British border illegally on Monday, the MTI reported.

With the order, the Judicial Forum, the second highest-ranking British judiciary after the UK Supreme Court, dismissed appeals from law enforcement organizations that lodged legal objections to the plan.

Last week, the London Supreme Court had already dismissed an action against Rwanda’s deportation plan, and the Appeals Forum also dismissed an appeal against that order on Monday,

so on Tuesday, in principle, the first plane to relocate illegal immigrants to Rwanda could go up in the air.

London announced in April that it had signed a new migration and economic development agreement with the Rwandan government. Under this agreement, anyone who enters British territory illegally can be relocated to a Central African country by the British authorities.

The agreement with the Rwandan government, which also includes a £ 120 million economic financing package for the African country, has no upper limit on the number. London says Rwanda has the capacity to resettle tens of thousands of people in the coming years.

The measure upsets the business model of human trafficking organizations

In a press conference following the announcement of the agreement in April, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the “innovative approach” would provide a safe and legal opportunity to apply for asylum, In Britain.

However, those who actually need protection will receive this protection and will have immediate access to the necessary legal services upon their arrival in Rwanda. They will also have the opportunity to start a new life in “that dynamic country” with the financial support of the British government, the British prime minister said.

Johnson added that Rwanda is one of the safest and fastest growing economies in the world and has gained global recognition for the reception and integration of immigrants.

Illegal immigrants are not admitted to the UK asylum system

However, those entering the UK illegally will not be admitted to the UK asylum system under the new procedure introduced by the British government. London justifies this by saying that those who crossed the British border illegally reached Britain through safe countries and should have applied for asylum in those countries.

The British government has also previously indicated that under the new immigration law that is being drafted, the drivers of ships carrying smugglers smuggling into Britain from the European continent to the British coast will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

(Cover image: Protesters in London on June 11, 2022. Photo: Martin Pope / Getty Images)

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