Our tribute to this great patriot expressed about Martn Gemes Juan Manzur on his social networks Photo Twitter
“Our tribute to this great patriot,” Juan Manzur expressed about Martín Güemes on his social networks. Photo: Twitter

National officials recalled the figure of General Martín Miguel de Güemes, on the 201st anniversary of his death, and highlighted his struggle in the process of Argentine Independence, as we commemorate today the National Day of Latin American Freedom.

“We remember the gaucho hero who led decisive battles to strengthen our national and Latin American emancipation. Together with his army, Los Infernales, he gave up his life defending northern Argentina from royalist invasions. Our tribute to this great patriot“said the chief of staff, John Manzurthrough his Twitter account.

With a video, the account of the House pink paid tribute to Martin Guemes, “one of the heroes in the independence of the country”.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the Presidency, Gabriela Ceruti, published in his account of the same social network: “Today we celebrate the National Day of Latin American Freedom in memory of General Martín Miguel de Güemes, one of the great heroes of our independence process”.

The official stressed that Güemes is “a symbol of our history and of all those who work day by day for the liberation of the Homeland and the dignity of the peoples.”

In addition, he quoted a phrase from the hero: “I don’t pay attention to all those wicked people who try to divide us. So, let’s work hard and tenaciously and future generations will venerate our memory.”

“Latin American Freedom Day. Killed by the troops of the Spanish army, an example of courage and patriotism, today we remember General Martín Miguel de Güemes,” said the Minister of Science and Technology, Daniel Filmus.

The account of Ministry of Education of the Nation He also recalled it: “On the National Day of Latin American Freedom, we remember the figure of General Martín Miguel de Güemes, who together with his troops, defended the North of our country and made possible the success of the liberation campaign led by San Martín”.

The governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perottirecalled the “Gaucho Hero”: “With dreams of greatness and freedom, he defended the territory against the royalists. His great deed allowed the success of the Crossing of the Andes and the Liberation Campaign“.

Silvina GvirtzSecretary of Education in the Ministry of Education of the Nation, expressed in a Twitter account: “On June 7, 1821, Martín Miguel de Güemes was wounded by a bullet resisting the occupation of Salta.”

“Realist Colonel Valdés offered to transfer him to Buenos Aires for better treatment on the condition of giving a ceasefire, but Güemes refused. He died ten days later,” added the Secretary of Education, recalling him.

The head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, expressed: “Today marks the passing to immortality of General Martín Miguel de Güemes. As Argentines we must remember the tenacity in his fight and follow his example to work together for the country we dream of.

figure of a hero

Güemes was born on February 8, 1785 and died on June 17, 1821after dying for ten days, after being hit by a royalist bullet, which made him the only general killed in combat.

He was a career soldier and led an army of gauchos in the north with strategies that made it possible to stop the Spanish advance on Salta and thus avoid royalist invasions in the rest of the country.

In this way, Güemes became a central figure of the war for Argentine independencefor which he was recognized as a national hero and, since 2016, June 17 was incorporated into the calendar of national holidays.

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