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Omar Sy in “Far from the ring road”: what a pity he can’t play in English

Omar Sy in "Far from the ring road": what a pity he can't play in English

“Those who are stamping their feet while waiting for a third season of Lupine can take their troubles patiently watching Far from the ring road”, ensures The Wall Street Journal. Louis Leterrier’s action comedy and the series inspired by the character of Arsène Lupin have several points in common, in particular the fact of being Netflix productions, of directing Omar Sy and of resembling success.

Posted on May 6 on the streaming platform, Far from the ring road is the sequel to David Charhon’s feature film The other side of the ring-road, which was a hit when it was released in French theaters in 2012. We find the duo of mismatched cops composed by Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte. Their characters reconnect for the duration of an investigation, after the discovery of a corpse scattered between Paris and the Alps.

A 100% French talent

For The Wall Street Journal, The movie is “funny” and lets have a good time. The tandem of policemen remains “delightfully dissonant”, while the escalation of gags and action leads miraculously to a kind of balance.

But these are mostly “charisma”, “exuberance” and “energy” by Omar Sy who caught the eye of the daily critic. As he recalls, the Frenchman made several appearances in Hollywood productions such as Transformers, Jurassic World and X-Men, but it is about “films whose appeal certainly does not lie in the dialogues”, he immediately adds.

And for good reason ! Omar Sy can only express his full talent in the language of Molière, regrets The Wall Street Journal :

“He conceded in interviews that he doesn’t speak English well, which is a shame because otherwise you’d see him more often [dans des productions anglophones] and his presence would illuminate what we are used to seeing on screens big and small.”

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