In total, by applying a cement-sand mortar, experts sanitize pipelines with a total length of 1773 meters, a diameter of 1200 and 700 millimeters.

– The plans include the restoration of water conduits with a high degree of corrosive wear. These are steel pipelines, each of which has served for several decades. One of them was put into operation in 1963, the other – in 1978, – explains the production director of Rosvodokanal Omsk Sergey Golichenko. – Despite the fact that communications are of strategic importance, we will carry out all the work without disconnecting consumers, drinking water will be supplied to the townspeople according to reserve schemes. Sanitation of water conduits will last until September 1 this year.

According to experts, today the rehabilitation of pipelines is an effective alternative to the relocation of existing communications. And the terms are several times shorter in relation to new construction or relocation of networks.

Cement-sand coating of pipelines is an ecological and safe way to update water pipes. A reliable anti-corrosion agent applied to the inside of the pipe is able to eliminate defects in steel and cast iron pipes that occur during many years of continuous operation. At the same time, the quality of water supplied to consumers through renovated pipelines complies with all sanitary and hygienic standards. The warranty period for the work performed is 60 months, and the period of new operation of communications increases by another 30 years.

These are not the first water infrastructure facilities to be upgraded in this way. From 2014 to 2021, OmskVodokanal has already sanitized four large water pipelines with a total length of 4,235 meters.

This year, specialists will also complete the renovation of a section of the water supply network with a diameter of 800 millimeters on 19th Line Street, the construction of networks with a pumping station for reliable water supply to apartment buildings on 3rd Zheleznodorozhnaya Street, and build a jumper to increase the pressure of the water column of consumers on Molodova Street.


Omsk city water supply system was founded in 1915. Since April 1, 2005, Rosvodokanal Omsk (JSC OmskVodokanal) has been performing water supply and sanitation functions. The company maintains water and sewer networks with a length of 1883 and 1330 kilometers, respectively. Provides services to eight thousand legal entities and 960 thousand individuals.

The material was prepared by the press service of JSC “OmskVodokanal”

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