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Here we go again. As the planet boils and Russia invades Eastern Europe, the cynical machinations of conservative politicians, who have made abortion rights their one and only campaign issue, will no doubt compel our country to resume the fight for the most inalienable right of women: the freedom to dispose of their bodies.

According to a document obtained by Politicothe Supreme Court is on the verge of overturning Roe V. Wade, this historic judgment which, for fifty years, has guaranteed the right of women to a legal and safe abortion in all American states.

All the polls on the subject show that a majority of Americans support the right to abortion. Which means two things: conservatives misuse the term “silent majority” ; and it is the real majority that has remained silent for too long. Americans will have to mobilize, in the streets and at the polls, for this right that a tyrannical minority, obsessed with control, is trying to do away with.

One in four Americans have an abortion

We should also critically reconsider the popular cultural productions that too often ignore the importance of reproductive rights, and the reality behind them.

According to estimates by the Guttmacher Institute, one in four American women will have an abortion during her lifetime, most often during the first trimester of pregnancy and after having already had at least one child. The majority are under 30 and live at or below the poverty line; but many others are working, educated women who look a lot like the female characters you see on the big screen or on television.

Why so few stories on the subject? Apart from series or films that evoke surprise or unwanted pregnancies, scenarios where abortion is part of

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Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles)

The West Coast Giant. Founded in 1881, it is the most left-wing of the country’s large-circulation daily newspapers and the leading specialist in social issues and the entertainment industry.

It wasn’t until the 1940s that it became Los Angeles’ leading daily. Owned by Californians from the outset, the title was bought in 2000 by the Tribune group – owner of the Chicago Grandstand. In 2018, the Los Angeles Times is sold to a biotech billionaire, Patrick Soon-Shiong.

After years of declining sales, the waltz of editorial directors and cuts in the workforce, this former surgeon intends to relaunch the title and make it take the digital bandwagon. With a very ambitious goal: 5 million digital subscribers. A challenge while the Los Angeles Times account at the beginning of 2019 around 150,000.

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