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More than a third of Russians had to postpone or cancel their vacation in 2022. In general, people are not satisfied with the rise in prices, as well as the fear of confrontation with foreigners. Those who still go on vacation abroad mainly prefer Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand, which has lifted covid restrictions. Inside Russia, it is more difficult to single out popular destinations – mostly not “packagers” travel, but independent tourists. More details – in the material “Izvestia”.

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This year, 15% of Russians have postponed their vacation, and another 22% have decided to cancel it. Such data during the survey was received by the service of end-to-end analytics, call tracking and advertising management Calltouch. “Izvestia” got acquainted with the study. Among the emerging problems, the respondents most often name the increase in prices for holidays – about 27% of respondents answered this way. The second most popular problem for Russians was the fear of being treated as tourists (15%).

Difficulties with rest also arose due to the lack of suitable destinations (10%), the fear of flying on airplanes (8%) and the fear that there will be problems during vacations at work (4%). For 43% of Russians, the vacation will take place as it was originally planned. The remaining 20% ​​chose a different format of rest in their answers.

Most Russians plan to spend their holidays outside the city or at their dachas (35%), while 31% will go to the south of Russia (Krasnodar Territory, Rostov Region, etc.). 24% of respondents decided to stay at home, but 18% of respondents chose vacation in another region of Russia (Altai, Kamchatka Territory, etc.). Only 9% of Russians are going to another country.

Photo: TASS/Sergey Bobylev

– Recent events have expectedly brought the tourism market into a state of turbulence. Russians have become less likely to turn to travel agents and more often plan their vacations on their own. For this reason, agencies had to refocus and focus on affordable destinations and cost-effective service packages. Moreover, they are now practicing new approaches to advertising and promotion in general to attract customers, – says Artur Sargsyan, commercial director of Calltouch.

According to the survey, the majority (40%) of those who have to save on vacation this year have abandoned the services of a travel agency and planned the trip themselves. A quarter of Russians decided to save on transport and go on vacation in their own car, 14% will cut spending on excursions and additional entertainment, 11% will cook on their own.

Also, a third of Russians (33%) noted that they had to cancel and postpone major purchases in order to compensate for spending on vacation. Almost half of those surveyed said that the vacation did not change their spending in any way.

Where and how much

Vacation options abroad remain quite predictable. While the most popular destination is Turkey, Igor Blinov, Development Director of, shared with Izvestia. However, in mid-October, the country will give way to the first line – its place will be taken by Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and other states open to Russians, where a beach holiday is possible. At the same time, tours to Egypt have risen in price by an average of 30–35%, says the expert. The United Arab Emirates remain “price average”. In addition, demand has returned to Southeast Asia, in particular Thailand, which has lifted covid restrictions.

— Clients are actively booking tours for the end of winter. In addition, regular and direct flights of Aeroflot are expected to Thailand. But so far the choice is not in their favor. The cost of a direct flight, for example, for the second half of January and February by Aeroflot is 25% higher than a flight with a connection. In general, the cost of a week-long vacation in Thailand in a good hotel, including a flight with a transfer, is approximately 180 thousand rubles for two, – said Igor Blinov.

Vacationers on the beach of one of the Maldives

Photo: RIA Novosti / Natalia Seliverstova

Until recently, the Maldives was considered an exotic vacation, now this direction has become more developed. The increase in prices for the Maldives was not as great as in other areas.

— For example, in Turkey, premium class hotels cost an average of 1 million rubles for two per week. Some hotels, such as Maxx Royal, will cost 1.1 million. Rixos will be cheaper, about 750 thousand rubles. But for the same money in the Maldives you can find a very good five-star hotel with quality service,” the source said.

Vacation prices have really skyrocketed, confirm the Level.Travel service. In July 2022, the share of Turkish resorts was 58% in the Level.Travel sales structure with an average check of 184 thousand rubles, which is 64% higher than last summer (112 thousand rubles). Russian resorts (second place – 19% in the structure of sales) have risen in price by 67%, on average to 70 thousand rubles.

In third place is Egypt, 9% of tourists went there in July 2022 with an average check of 170 thousand rubles. Last year, the destination was not included in the top sales due to the lack of direct charter flights.

– Traditionally, Cyprus was also in the top five, but due to flight restrictions, the leaders this summer are the United Arab Emirates (5% with an average check of 162 thousand rubles – 100% higher than last summer) and Abkhazia (4% with with an average check of 89,000 rubles, which is 95% higher than last year), Evgeny Ginzburg, Marketing Director of Level.Travel, told Izvestia.

The company “Intourist” identifies two key areas – Turkey and Abkhazia.

Vacationers in Pitsunda in Abkhazia

Photo: RIA Novosti / Sputnik / Thomas Taytsuk

“Due to the fact that tourists on vacation may actually have conflicts with aggressive vacationers from other European countries, we do not sell tours to countries recognized by our country as unfriendly,” the company’s press service noted.

In the same time, according to Igor Blinov from OnlineTur.ruwhen buying a tour, customers rarely ask questions related to unwanted skirmishes with foreigners:

— In popular countries [для отдыха] At the state level, punishments for enmity on ethnic grounds were introduced – up to deportation and a criminal case.

Vacationers on the beach in the city of Gagra in Abkhazia

Photo: RIA Novosti / Sputnik / Thomas Taytsuk

Vacationers are almost not interested in Europe, although the resumption of trips is still happening. Several Russian travel companies announced the sale of winter tours to Finland at once. Since neither air nor railway communication between the countries has been restored, the tourist product is being prepared on the basis of bus transportation from St. Petersburg. This was reported, in particular, by PAC Group and Russian Express. The companies also plan to launch tours to other European countries with transit through Finland, Estonia and Lithuania.

Demand for travel to Finland is booming right now. According to the border service of South-Eastern Finland, 7.5-8 thousand people cross the Russian-Finnish border every day (the figure has reached pre-pandemic levels), of which 80% are Russians. However, in the tourism industry, these data are met calmly. There will probably not be a noticeable demand for package offers. According to experts, mostly Russians come to Finland for a couple of days for shopping and organize vacations without the help of tour operators. In addition, often the country serves as a transit point for visitors.

Inside the vast

According to OneTwoTrip, in August, 85% of the service’s customers plan to rest within the country.

Judging by the number of air armor, Moscow became the most popular Russian city: it was chosen in 27.8% of cases, and the cost of a round-trip trip averaged 11,000 rubles per person. In St. Petersburg, Russians placed 14.1% of orders; the average cost of an air ticket is 10,500 rubles. Sochi closes the top three – 9.5% of orders fell on this resort; the ticket price was about 18,300 rubles. Also, travelers show interest in resting in Mineralnye Vody (3.9%) – 12,300 rubles and Kaliningrad (3.8%) – 11,000 rubles.

Vacationer in the city of Gagra in Abkhazia

Photo: RIA Novosti / Sputnik / Thomas Taytsuk

According to Intourist, the Krasnodar Territory is the leader among domestic destinations: Sochi, Tuapse, Anapa and Gelendzhik. The popularity of St. Petersburg and Moscow is growing. The Kaliningrad region and the Republic of Karelia are in high demand. This year, the republics of the North Caucasus, where tourist charters flew, and especially Dagestan, could boast of the largest increase in the organized tourist flow.

– Both holidays on the coast of the Caspian Sea and sightseeing tours with visits to the main attractions of the republic are popular here: the Sulak Canyon, the Sarykum dune, the ghost village of Gamsutl, – the press service specified.

Meanwhile, inside the country, tourists mostly travel on their own, notes Igor Blinov. Those who want to save money, and the vast majority of them, solve the issues of moving and living without the help of travel agencies. It is difficult to single out the most popular destinations among the “savages”, since it is not always clear for what purpose a person visits a particular city.

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