Már a 800 forintot közelíti az üzemanyag piaci ára

“Thanks for the signal, we investigated. There was a small administrative error that only occurred at a few filling stations and affected a very narrow circle of our customers this morning. I’m sorry. We will compensate customers. Please contact our customer service, “Mol Zrt. Wrote to us at our request, after the Index became aware that there was a Mol well where on Friday, despite official refueling, a liter of diesel was charged at HUF 510 instead of HUF 480.

Was it raised?

According to a reader, he was shocked by this, after calculating the liter / official price, and after returning to the well with the block, he was told that from midnight Mol had actually increased the price of diesel fuel, so it was HUF 509.90 on Friday. / liter, compared to the official price set by the government.

THE holtankoljak.hu Incidentally, he announced on Friday morning that the purchase price of diesel will rise significantly again: you will have to pay HUF 30 gross per liter more for this type of fuel. Gasoline prices will no longer change this week.

The increase will also affect the price of premium diesel and the price of market diesel, however, the official price of HUF 480 is still valid for the Hungarian population.

It is not known how long, as Zsolt Hernádi, the chairman and CEO of Mol, said in an interview on Thursday that the government is talking about maintaining the official price. thus leading to a supply disruption. Asked that July 1 is the deadline for the price cap, Zsolt Hernádi said:

After that, even if not in one step, the price cap would have to be phased out. At least from the point of view of security of supply, this would be appropriate. But this is not our question. It is our responsibility to inform decision makers.

Viktor Orbán said in an interview with the public media on Friday that if there were no petrol stop, the price would be between 700 and 900 forints and this increase would immediately pass on to the prices of other products. According to press reports, the commission would impose an import duty on Russian oil transported by pipeline, the prime minister commented: he did not believe that the oil embargo agreement would be retrospectively interpreted with such rules.

He emphasized that Hungary had “stood the ground” in the oil embargo dispute and finally achieved what it wanted. The left, on the other hand, would have accepted the oil embargo, so if the election had a different result, it would have been a 700-900 forint gasoline price, the oil would not have come from Russia, the price caps would have been removed and the overhead cut would not be protected.

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