Once again, the Marcos belong to the Philippines as the luxury admirer first lady wanted

The judgment of the Marcos family has always been ambivalent. As you can see from the data, many of the Philippine tombs return in a rather incomprehensible way to a state of war with their name, a special legal order: an unconstitutional act that essentially allowed the president reigning from 1965-1986 to remain in power after two cycles – of course. and without counterweight. These decades have been marked by a stagnant economy and national famine, and by relentless terror in which thousands of political prisoners have been tortured or executed.

The developed world seemed to be watching a completely different movie theater at the same time, the Reagan couple had a particularly good relationship with the Philippine presidential pair, but during the years of their exile in Hawaii, President Johnson, Nixon and Ford also visited them. They were received by the pope, the first lady even II. Queen Elizabeth was also able to make out her invitation with the help of the Americans, because in the Cold War years, the United States did not want the populous island nation to drift into the arms of the enemy, so they supported a reliable partner who was not serious about democracy.

So they also overlooked the excessive theft that while the masses of people had nothing to pull on their feet, Imelda Marcos his shoe collection of Prada, Chanel, Dior and Ferragamos, among others, has already exceeded 3,000 pairs. However, the former first lady said it was necessary for her work.

As in the documentary about him presented in 2019, a The Kingmaker (The king-maker) also said, “It must have been beautiful, since the poor long for a star in the dark night.” And she tried to be the mother of the nation who was the prettiest in the parenting meeting. In the developing countries of Asia, this was not the only way in the 1970s, when the Empress of Iran or the Queen of Thailand also played the role of the head of state for the salvation of her people, and they were all adored by Western magazines. At least for a while.

Brilliant among diapers

Then in 1986 the string tensed, a revolution broke out in the country, the presidential family had to flee. At the time of filming, Imelda, nearly 90, spoke with a smile that although she had to leave a large portion of the 3,000 pairs of shoes currently on display in the presidential palace in the rush, she took the diamonds wrapped in diapers.

In addition to the $ 10 billion in cash brought in from the National Bank, it carried out the largest robbery the world has ever committed by a government official. There was still room on the private jet, expensive paintings came up (Picasso, Michelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh, etc.), big game caught in Africa, of course, remained in their private zoo.

The diamonds did well to pay for expensive lawyers, and although charges were filed, no one was convicted or imprisoned in the family — although the first lady, modestly pointing to the room legal document, modestly calls it a “lawsuit of the century.”

Back to the throne

The dictator died in 1989, after which the widow and her three children were allowed to return home. However, instead of quietly admiring and lively in the world-famous picture collection, the former first lady put all her strength and wealth to restore the power of the family. The former beauty queen and ex-governor of Manila herself ran twice for the presidency, unsuccessfully. However, he managed to vote for himself in parliament, and before his political retirement, he sat at an even higher level in the senate to take the place of his son, who was running for president.

He also seems to have been essentially the main financier of Duterte’s presidential campaign against drug trafficking with draconian rigor. Ferdinand Jr., called Bongbong, wasn’t popular yet to kick the ball, he needed someone to pave the way for him.

They seem to be well conspired and the ammunition seems unbreakable. Although the prosecution has set up a special task force to investigate how much damage the family has done to the state, the ones listed above are probably just drops in the sea. It is quite certain that foreign offshore accounts, real estate, shareholdings, evicted artefacts and other high-value movables have laid the groundwork for the family’s political return.

Opposition vice president Leni Robredo calls in the documentary a frightening possibility that these people may one day come back to power, which is almost reflected in Imelda Marcos’ 92-year-old Chanel’s brooch and shoe vote, “No one can stop me.” As we can see, he and his son were finally right, describing his mother as the best politician he had ever seen.

The author is a luxury expert.

(Cover image: Bongbong Marcos. Photo: Lisa Marie David / Reuters)

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