It all happened near the Botanical Garden

One of the three French tourists run over yesterday by a taxi driver who had a stroke in the vicinity of the Palermo Botanical Garden he died Today at dawn at the Fernández Hospital, according to what sources from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security confirmed to THE NATION. This young woman, identified as Lwana Bichet, 25, had a cardiorespiratory arrest in the operating room, at 3.

As a result of the crash, Bichet had a subdural hematoma and that is why they decided to intervene surgically. From the portfolio they specified that the young I was in the City for more than 90 days for an exchange at the University of San Andrés.

They also detailed that The student’s relatives are already traveling to Argentina and will arrive in the country tomorrow. Meanwhile, from the capital administration, together with the French Embassy, ​​they work in the judicial procedures that enable the transfer of Bichet’s body a that European country to be buried.

Meanwhile, the panorama gradually turns favorable for her two companions, who are interned in the Fernandez Hospital. One of them, with a pelvic fracture, was stabilized. “She is compensated for the moment”, affirmed from the management of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

The other is also stable in Emergency, with a hemothorax in both lungs, but does not require drainage.

For its part, the taxi driver is “out of danger” and remains internship at the Rivadavia Hospital.

This episode – which caused the death of at least one person – was triggered yesterday, when the driver had a stroke and, as he lost control of his vehicle, rammed five people. Of these, only the three French tourists were hospitalized.

It all happened near the Botanical Garden Marcos Brindicci – THE NATION

Agents from the 14A Neighborhood Police Station arrived at the scene of the crash and met the cab 19057 model volkswagen voyage, which had visible damage to the windshield and front bumper. The driver was found on the ground, unbalanced.

In addition to the injuries and material damage to the taxi, the Police reported that there were two other cars dented on the side as a result of the impact: a Fiat Palio and a Nissan March.

The prosecutor’s office of the North Flagrancia Area intervenes in this investigation, which at first ordered actions for “injuries”, when Viccet had not yet died.

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