One year after her death, they demand justice for Sofía, a lifeless girl located in Jacona, Michoacán

Michoacan.- One year after the location of the body of sofia lizethaged 6, activists gathered at the Children’s Day to demand justice for the girl.

Sofia left her house located in the municipality of Jacona, Michoacanon April 2, 2021 to go to the store, however, he no longer returned to his home.

Four days after her disappearance, on April 7, her body was located on a hill near the neighborhood where the minor lived.

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Through a statement, the State Attorney General’s Office He had reported that the girl’s body had contusive blows, which caused her death.

Violence in Michoacán: There are no detainees a year after his death

According to the medium The universal, this April 30, a group of young people met in the so-called ‘antimonument’, located in the garden of the Tarascas Fountainin Michoacán, to put photos, balloons and toys remembering the minor.

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The young women also put up posters where they demand justice for the minor, because so far, no progress has been shown in the investigations and there are no detainees.

“We demand that the government, the authorities, Jacona give us attention, we want to know the progress of the case, but more than anything, we want the resolution and the promise that it will not happen again,” the young women demanded.

Violence in Michoacán: On Children’s Day, they demand justice for little Sofía who went to the store and was found dead. (Photo; Discussion).

6-year-old Victoria Guadalupe is found dead in Querétaro

A similar case was recorded this 2022, when a minor identified as Victoria Guadeloupe She was found dead after almost two days of searching.

The events were also recorded at the beginning of April when the 6-year-old girl left her home in the Paseos del Marqués subdivisionin the municipality of El Marques, queretaro, heading to a stationery store that was a few houses away.

From this fact, a man was arrested by the authorities who faces charges of femicide.


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